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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what am i talking about?

my dreams on its way, my baby.
what were you trying to say?
you rattled my walls, ignored my calls
what were we talking about?

you admittedly comited misdeeds like you needed it
and low-lifed, while someone else tried
and I wont want to wake up if someone is seeing some sad sob
and ticking me off like the hands of a clock till you realize enough is enough

my dream's gone away the other day
what am i trying to say?
you entered my room, exhumed my tomb
what were you trying to do?

you admittedly commited those sins like you needed them
and stood by while it eats me alive
and you wont want to wake up when whoevers singing their sad songs
but when the moons light hits youer third eye tonight you might realize that this is your life.

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